Why do you need a secure working door entry system for your tenement?

A working door entry system/ access control system or tenement intercom system which operates with security keys and flat based audio handset is important to make sure your building is secure. It helps prevent unauthorised entry and potential theft, vandalism, or damage.

It also provides a sense of privacy and safety for tenants and residents when they know that people coming into the building are authorised.

Such systems allow you to control who can enter your premises, so only visitors, expected trades people and deliveries can get past the main door when given permission by a resident.

The simplest and arguably best system for tenement flats is a standard security key based system that still works if there is a fault or power cut. All residents would use keys to access the main door and can also open the door via the connected intercom.

Many of these systems have a ‘service’ button that allows access during core hours mainly for postal deliveries, but often this service button does not work and requires attention from a specialist locksmith.

With the growth in home delivery, a working door access system can be crucial so that delivery agents are not tempted to leave packages outside the main entrance, effectively on the street.

Video and remote access based systems tend to be more expensive but can add more value to the tenant allowing them to remotely open the main door so delivery agents can leave packages by their flat door.

Benefits of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems provide a multitude of advantages for both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring enhanced security and various other benefits.  By limiting unwanted access,

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