Common door entry system faults to look out for

The age of the typical door entry system for tenement and multiple dwellings can vary so generally the older the system the more likely it is to develop faults and issues.

There are several common faults that you should look out for. These faults can vary depending on the type of door entry system you have, such as keyless entry systems, intercom systems, or card-based access systems.

Corroded / broken buttons not calling the flat

The older the unit the more likely there are to be corroded or broken buttons. This does not necessarily mean a replacement system is required as spare parts could resolve the situation.

Damaged panels allowing water ingress

Water ingress can obviously be a more serious situation especially when there is electricity involved. The unit must remain watertight to be effective.

No speech / audio coming through to the property

Residents might be more inclined to just let anyone in without knowing who they are if they can’t check their credentials. This can include problems with the microphone, speaker, or wiring,

Door not releasing when button pressed from a flat

It is difficult for the resident to know whether the release mechanism has worked and in some cases impatient deliveries drivers and visitors may attempt to force the door.

Door not secure when closed

To have property security the main door should swing closed quietly and securely. If the door does not lock automatically when closing then anyone can enter or gain access.

Keys sticking or worn

If a resident’s key stops working then they are more likely to latch the door open so they can personally gain access. 

Service button not set correctly

The majority of door access systems have a service button that allows the door to unlock when pressed. This is typically used for royal mail or early morning deliveries.

The time the service button works can be adjusted so that the door remains open for too long or not open long enough for that special delivery.

Damage or Vandalism

Door entry systems can be susceptible to physical damage or vandalism. Look for any signs of tampering, broken components, or damaged wiring. Ensure that all exterior components, such as cameras or proximity sensors, are intact and functioning properly.

Power Issues

Door entry systems often rely on electrical power. Faults can occur if there are power outages, electrical surges, or if the system is not receiving sufficient power. 

If any of these issues arise then you should contact a trained locksmith who has experience with dealing with the specific issues you are experiencing.

Benefits of Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems provide a multitude of advantages for both residential and commercial buildings, ensuring enhanced security and various other benefits.  By limiting unwanted access,

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