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car key replacement.

If you lose you car key or need a replacement we can do it the same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Aside from the hassle of having to get your car "with no keys" to the main dealer, it is not the quickest option to get you back on the road.

With car keys being more complex than ever, main dealers do not have the facility to cut keys.

An Auto Locksmith is most likely the fastest way to get a replacement key. They carry a vast array of keys and blanks and more importantly are equipped with the very latest in key cutting equipment to allow them to cut the latest laser cut keys to code, or use their knowledge to retrieve a key number / code from your vehicle.

Yes! Auto locksmiths like Lockfast Security are able to supply and program keys for most manufacturers and will often be able to offer you a non genuine alternative to a dealer key.

If you have lost all your keys auto locksmiths can come and sort you out roadside saving you £££ in recovery charges back to the dealer.

If you just need a spare key they can come a cut and program a replacement at your home or work, not only saving you money but valuable time too.

If you have lost your car key and think it may have fallen into the wrong hands the first thing you should do is move your car (if you have a spare key).

If not make sure the car is blocked so cannot be moved then contact an auto locksmith such as Lockfast Security. Auto Locksmiths can provide replacement keys for most manufacturers, they can also delete any keys that have been lost or stolen so that they no longer open or start your vehicle. This can be done as a mobile service too. Please note if all keys are lost you will need to provide identification.