Pandora is a  car alarm systems brand developed and made in Russia, They make car alarms, moto alarms, immobilisers and various accessories in the Pandora product line.

Modern Pandora alarm systems include plenty of benefits — remote start, GSM, GPS, shock/motion/tilt sensors, immobiliser with tags etc. 

Telemetric systems allow you to control a car from any distance using a cell phone, tablet or PC. There is Pandora mobile app for Android and iOS making everyday communication with a car as easy as possible. Even if you are far away from you car it’s not a problem to start an engine, check notifications or perform tracking.

You can track car’s movements, analyse the distance traveled, travel time, average speed. Event history holds more than 100 different types of events, that can happen to the system. 

As Pandora uses a dialog code which is impossible to hack. — nobody has done it yet. 

All telemetric Pandora alarms have an immobiliser that allows a car to go only if there is an owner in a car who has special tags. If a stranger tries to drive, the engine will be blocked because access is granted only if tags are in reception area so nobody except owner can use a car protected with Pandora.

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