Different Types of Secure Door Entry Systems

There are various types of secure door entry systems available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some common types: Key-Based Systems are simple and inexpensive, easy to understand and use, but keys can be lost or stolen; duplication is possible; access cannot be easily revoked without changing locks. Keypad Systems offer PIN-based […]

Who is responsible for maintaining a door access system?

In general, the maintenance and management of common areas and shared facilities in a tenement building, including door access systems, are typically the responsibility of the building’s owner, property management company or individual flat owners. In many cases there are several property owners in one tenement and if there is an issue then they are […]

Common door entry system faults to look out for

The age of the typical door entry system for tenement and multiple dwellings can vary so generally the older the system the more likely it is to develop faults and issues. There are several common faults that you should look out for. These faults can vary depending on the type of door entry system you […]